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VIII International Conference “MODERN PROBLEMS OF PHYSICS”, Dushanbe, S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute, October 21-22, 2022

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VIII International Conference “MODERN PROBLEMS OF PHYSICS”,  Dushanbe, S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute, October 21-22, 2022

Dushanbe, S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute, October 21-22, 2022

The development of science is impossible without scientific discussions, as a way of discussing and searching for truth in the process of researching scientific problems. Scientific research is a search for previously unknown properties of the real world, which requires fundamental knowledge from the scientist and the presentation on their basis of bold consistent methods for solving the problem, hypotheses and proof of the correctness of his scientific conclusions. These tasks are constant companions of scientists and for their solution various approaches, methods and means of research are offered, one of which is the presentation of the results of their research to the scientific community, including through scientific seminars, symposiums, conferences.
In our country, good conditions have been created for scientific research, first of all, it is the involvement of all young people in the educational and research processes. In particular, at the S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, the main part of young scientists were once supported by the state fund during their studies in foreign higher educational institutions.
To involve young researchers in the mainstream of scientific research, scientific seminars and conferences are regularly held at the PHTI NAST. Among the main scientific events of the current year is the VIII International Conference “Modern Problems of Physics”, which was held on October 21-22. This scientific and organizational event dates back to 2008 and is traditionally held in even years, in which every two years scientists of the physics and technology field present their research for discussion.
Scientific discussions at this conference were held in several sections, ranging from atmospheric physics, climate change and renewable energy to research in the field of condensed matter, nanotechnology and new materials, nuclear physics and technology, theoretical physics and dynamical systems. The conference received more than 90 scientific materials, which also included scientific papers by foreign scientists from scientific and educational institutions of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Portugal, and the People’s Republic of China.
During scientific discussions, the dielectric properties of aqueous solutions of electrolytes, issues of photoacoustic signals of solid samples, molecular dynamics of nanoscale phenomena in the study of new drugs and materials, properties of one-/two-band superconductors, the formation of nanosized objects in silicon single crystals, methods for calculating the electronic structure of nanocomposite materials, molecular dynamics modeling of the structural stability of perovskites as an element of solar cells, modeling of high-spin quantum systems, dust intrusions in the southern and central parts of Tajikistan, integrated use of renewable energy sources, analysis of the concentration of carbon components in atmospheric aerosol, research on the concentration of heavy metals in medicinal plants of Tajikistan and the biological properties of the studied metals, scientific expedition “Pamir-2022”, technologies for the use of Anthracite for the production of carbon materials, calculation of the heat transfer coefficient for aluminum alloys, intramolecular interactions actions in unsaturated and heterocyclic compounds, etc., where more than 20 reports were discussed via online communication.

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