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Expanded meeting of the Academic Council

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Expanded meeting of the Academic Council

Expanded meeting of the Academic Council
of the S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute
of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan

dated March 16, 2023

March 16, 2023 at the S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan held an expanded meeting of the Academic Council, related to the discussion of topical scientific, technical, methodological and organizational issues. Among them, the renewal of the staff of the Institute with qualified scientists and specialists, review of the work and research plans of the first quarter by employees and research laboratories, review of the process of scientific preparation, training and research of applicants, doctoral students and undergraduates of the first year, discussion of prepared scientific materials for publications. Including

  • based on the results of the discussions, the topics of scientific research of 2 applicants of the institute in the direction of physical and chemical processing of local raw materials for use in industry and construction were approved;
  • on the basis of the conclusion of the scientific seminar on the results of the discussion, the manuscript of the monograph of the doctors of technical sciences [V.N. Karpov] and Z.Sh. Yuldashev was recommended for publication: “Indicators of energy efficiency of existing technical systems (agricultural engineering)” (in Tajik).

In addition to current issues, the process of implementing topical issues of state programs related to the direction of the institute’s activities and research was carefully analyzed, including:

  • – the process of implementing the Action Plan of the Renewable Energy Program for 2023-2027, where the institute acts as one of the executors of the relevant points of this Plan;
  • – a draft Concept for the study and use of hydrogen energy in Tajikistan, developed by the Center for the Study and Use of Renewable Energy Sources of the Institute.

The issues of implementation of the results of international cooperation on the creation of an innovative laboratory with the support of international scientific centers and on the basis of cooperation with foreign physicists contributing to the training of the country’s young personnel were also worked out. Thus, according to the plan, this year it is planned to create an innovation laboratory at the institute on the recommendation of scientists from Tokyo universities and the support of Japan. In addition, in order to train highly qualified personnel to work on modern scientific equipment and solve scientific problems, the Institute, on the basis of cooperation with scientific centers, organizes regular internships for young personnel in foreign scientific laboratories under the guidance of well-known specialists in the physical and technical field.

In particular, it should be noted the contribution of Professor of Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, Director of Institute of Condensed Matter Science of Waseda University in Tokyo, Doctor of Engineering T. Yamamoto, who, for more than 10 years of cooperation with the Institute and physicists of the country, directly supported the training and physicists in the laboratories of this university. In addition, under the guidance and with the assistance of Professor T.Yamamoto, laboratory experiments and tasks of scientific dissertations of a number of young scientists – Tajik physicists were implemented.

At present, the institute is developing the process of scientific and technical cooperation also with scientific centers of the People’s Republic of China and European countries.

Some moments from the extended meeting of the Academic Council of the Institute on March 16, 2023

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