by usto

S.U.Umarov Physical-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (PhTI AS RT) is one of the leading research institutions of the Republic, founded in 1964, within the walls of which important issues of physical science, national economic tasks, development and introduction of new technologies in the industry of the country were solved.

Currently, the research works carried out in the departments of the Institute cover the areas of nuclear physics, theoretical physics, condensed matter physics, optical and quantum electronics, physical and technical problems of energy, atmospheric physics and application of physical research methods in medicine.

According to this directions the problems of nuclear physics research methods, cosmic rays and ultrahigh energy physics, semiconductor physics, crystal formation and structure, ferroelectrics and dielectrics physics, condensed matter physics at low temperatures, spectroscopy, coherent nonlinear optics (quantum electronics), acoustics, physical processes in the atmosphere, renewable energy sources are solved.