by usto

A regular scientific seminar was held in the main hall of the S. U. Umarov Physics and Technics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan on 12.08.2020. It was attended by the director of the institute Farkhod Shokir, academician S.Odinaev and other scientists, postgraduate students and applicants. The seminar reviewed the dissertation of Lugmonova Sh.O. on the topic “Investigation of variations in meteorological, optical and microphysical characteristics of the atmosphere before an earthquake.”

Institute regularly conducts similar seminars, at which scientists, applicants, graduate students and undergraduates who want to publish articles in prestigious journals of the country, such as “News of NAST” and “Reports of NAST”, will first present them to specialists and if the articles really meet the requirements of the journal and highlight the topical issues, they will be allowed for publication. Postgraduate students, applicants and PhD doctoral students will also present their dissertations at the seminar before submitting to the dissertation council of the institute, and scientists also report on their research and discoveries. Conducting such seminars greatly contributes to improving the quality of research, enriching scientific knowledge and skills of young scientists, since during the seminar interesting scientific discussions take place and scientists express their scientific views on this or that research. The seminar will be attended not only by professors and young scientists of the institute itself, but also by guests from other universities in the country and abroad.