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The scientific activities of the ICNPR

by usto


For many years, ICNPR staff have successfully carried out scientific topics on the study of the interaction of cosmic particles with the nuclei of various elements at high and ultrahigh energies in the framework of the Pamir international experiment, and on the study of radioactive pollution of water in transboundary rivers and water bodies of Central Asia in the framework of the international Central Asian-American experiment, under the auspices of the Sandia laboratories in the United States, conducted a full radioecological survey in the Republican At the same time, they participated in the monitoring of radioactive waste and participated in the monitoring of radioactive burial sites in Tajikistan; they developed new types and designs of radioactive radiation detectors. To implement new projects for the study of cosmic rays, the entire experiment procedure is modeled in advance, from the development of the technique to the creation of detectors. For this, we have a laboratory of computer simulations, and our employees studied at leading universities in Russia, NRNU MEPhI and Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov and they have experience in developing special programs for modeling the registration processes of EAS and detectors. In these areas, articles were published in Russian and European journals and scientific reports were made at international conferences.