Dr. A.A. Abdurasulov

       In 2001-2005 the Institute was headed by the Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (Ph.D), Associate Professor Anwar Abdurasulovich Abdurasulov - successor to the school of Academician A.A. Adhamov and Academician S. O. Odinaev - a renowned expert in the field of molecular-kinetic theory of asymmetric fluids, electrolytes and fluid crystals. Dr. A.A. Abdurasulov contributed greatly to the development of relations with the International of Science and Technology Center, to the active involvement of staff of the Institute in the international scientific and technological cooperation with EU, U.S. and Canada. Thanks to the projects of the International Science and Technology Centre access to the Internet and modern electronic databases of scientific publications, and so on, has been provided. Currently, as a rector of the Tajik Technical University named after Academician M.S.Asimov Dr. A.Abdurasulov fully supports the strengthening of ties of academic and university research, involving young people in basic and applied science.