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The international cooperation of the CSIRES

by usto


International cooperation of the Center for the Study and Use of Renewable Energy (RES) at the Institute of Physics and Technology named after Umarov AN RT.

One of the priorities of the Center is to work with international organizations to solve the existing problems of renewable energy in Tajikistan.

 As part of the project and the financial support of the Aga Khan Foundation and the department’s plan (as part of the project and financial support of the European Commission), thermal power plants were developed, manufactured and commissioned to provide hot water. Various types of solar panels and various biogas systems were manufactured.

The staff of the Center K. Kabutov, K. Boturov and T. Alidodov participated in the development and presentation of the project: “Conducting research, evaluation and data collection using RES / AES GET (Green Energy) technology and energy efficiency, providing practical services and market demand among users energy services and SMEs with the potential to grow the green energy market and develop SMEs in Tajikistan.

Under the UN Program Draft “Conducting a Country Assessment of the Development of Green Energy and the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises” During the preparation and presentation of the project, a report was prepared on the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan on renewable energy sources. Center staff questioned key stakeholders (government agencies, state and international organizations and the private sector) regarding this project proposal and conducted a country assessment of green energy development as well as the development of small and medium enterprises. Center staff also participated in the collection of socio-economic data for environmental and social impact assessments of the Sebzar hydroelectric project.

 On November 21, 2019, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the opening ceremony of the “Green Economy Financing Program” will be held in Tajikistan. At this meeting K. Kabutov, K. Boturov. and T. Alidodov were invited and actively participated. Currently, three concepts of the renewable energy project have been developed and submitted to the Green Economy Financing Fund in Tajikistan for further consideration.